The LCD hour meter will track engine running time for all types of gasoline powered engines. The operation of the Hour meter is connected by5 ft. insulated wire. You will wrap the wire around the spark plug for around 5 times. The meter is activated by the spark of the engin Easy to install
 LCD digital display (5 Digit Display) 
Show engine hours of operation 
No power connection required (internal batter CR2430)
Six Colors( Black, Red, Green,Orange, Yellow and Blue) 
Warranty 2 years.
Digital Backlit Tach Maintenance Hour Meter Tachometer for Motorcycle Lawn Mower Generator Small Engines Boat Honda Yamaha Dirt Bike Outboard Motor Motocross Tractor Snowboat... 

 Product Features:
 Programmable Backlight:ON/OFF/AUTO. 9 Programmable Firing Patterns. Programmable Maintenance Interval Timer (0~2,000 Hours). 
Programmable RPM alert. 
Max RPM Recall. Data retained after battery change. 
Works on 4 Stroke up to 16 cylinder/2 stroke up to 6 cylinder gas engines. 
Resettable for Job Time and Non-resettable for Total Time. 
Turn ON/OFF. 

 Product Specifications:
 Hours Capacity: 999,999 Hours 
Hours Resolution: 1Min/ 0.1H /1Hour 
RPM Capacity: Max 25,000 RPM 
RPM accuracy: 10 RPM 
Operating Temperature: Standard -10°C to +60°C 
Replaceable Internal Battery: CR2450 (540mAH) 
IP Rating: IP67 
RPM Refresh Rate: 0.5 Second 
Product Size:75x43x20MM / 2.95x1.7x0.78 Inch. 
LCD Size: 46x23MM / 1.8x0.9 Inch 

Works with:  
2 Stroke Single Cylinder/ 2 stroke 2 Cylinder/ 2 stroke 3 Cylinders/ 2 stroke 4 cylinder/2 stroke 6 cylinder 4 Stroke Single Cylinder/ 4 Stroke 2 Cylinders/ 4 Stroke 3 Cylinders/ 4 Stroke 4 Cylinders/ 4 Stroke 6 Cylinders/4 Stroke 8 Cylinders/ 4 Stroke 12 Cylinders/ 4 Stroke 16 Cylinders Gas powered Devices